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Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Symbols
The following table gives the abbreviations and symbols that are to be used in the manuscripts. All Latin abbreviations are italicized.
Symbol/Abbreviation Meaning
* endemic to Nepal
± plus or minus, more or less
?? missing data to be added before publication
[ ] indicates distribution or morphological character outside of Nepal
µm micrometers
X times
C Central
ca. circa, about, approximately
cm centimeter(s)
cv. cultivar
d.b.h. diameter at breast height
diam. diameter
E East
EC East Central
ed. edition
e.g. for example
et al. and others
fig. figure
fl. flowering
fr. fruiting
i.e. that is
km kilometer(s)
m meter(s)
mm millimeter(s)
N North
NC North Central
NE Northeast
nom. cons. nomen conservandum
nom. nov. nomen novum
nom. nud. nomen nudum
n.s. new series
NW Northwest
p. page
pl. plate
pp. pages
p.p. pro parte
S South
SC South Central
SE Southeast
sect. section
ser. series
s.l. sensu lato
s.s. sensu stricto
sp., spp.  Species
subfam.  subfamily
subgen. subgenus
subsp., subspp. subspecies
SW Southwest
t. table
var. variety
vol. volume
W West
WC West Central