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Contributor guidelines: Appendix 2

Flora of Nepal manuscript progression
Stage Summary Landmarks
0 not worked on Volume assigned with indicative timescale
I editorial process started Editor assigned
Potential authors listed
II manuscript delivery established Lead Author contracted with deadline
Co-authors contacted
III first draft Lead Author delivers an acceptable first draft checked by Editor
IV revised draft Revised draft produced by Co-authors and Lead Author, checked by Editor
V ready for publication Comments from Reviewers incorporated
Local names and uses added
Final formatting by Administrative Centre
Ready for publication
FoN Administrative Centre - RBGE staff responsible for:
  • assignment of Editors and provision of suggested author lists
  • liaison with Editors on the progress of manuscripts through to Stage IV
  • recording manuscript tracking and filing important correspondence
  • posting of manuscripts on the project ftp site
  • liaison with Reviewers and incorporation of feedback in to manuscript
  • incorporation of Local Names and uses into manuscript
Lead Author - May be Nepalese or non-Nepalse, responsible for
  • producing the Stage III (first draft) manuscript and supporting data in the format stipulated in the Flora of Nepal Guidelines to the agreed deadline
  • collaborating with Editor and Co-author(s) on revising manuscript to the agreed deadline
Co-author(s) - responsible for:
  • collaborating with Lead Author and Editor to revise Stage III manuscripts
  • production of the Stage IV manuscript to an agreed deadline
Reviewers - specialists on the floras of surrounding regions or the taxonomic group, responsible for:
  • commenting on Stage IV manuscripts to an agreed deadline.
Editor - responsible for all aspects of progressing manuscripts through to Stage IV, including:
  • contacting and signing-up of Lead Authors and Co-authors
  • provision of Flora of Nepal Guidelines to authors
  • supporting authors with advice and help in obtaining requested literature
  • deadline enforcement with authors
  • checking and editing of manuscripts and supporting data to confirm to Guidelines
  • liaison with the Administrative Centre on manuscript progress
  • copying of important correspondence to the Administrative Centre
  • sending manuscripts to Administrative Centre for posting on the project ftp site
Nepalese Editor - designated member of the Nepal Chapter, responsible for:
  • providing local vernacular names in Devenagri and transliteration
  • providing data for local uses, all to agreed deadline