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Contributor guidelines

5.1 The names of the 6 Editors (2 Nepalese, 2 British and 2 Japanese) are printed on the first front page as authors under the title Flora of Nepal. The order of names will be Watson, M.F., Akiyama, S., Ikeda, H., Pendry, C.A., Rajbhandari, K.R. & Shrestha, K.K., reflecting RBGE's role as lead organisation and then alphabetic order. Other major contributors will be listed on the facing front page, including Co-chairs, Regional Advisors, etc.
5.2 Authorship of accounts are accredited at the start of the corresponding family or genus. Where there is more than one author the order of names reflects personal contribution. In cases of equal contribution alphabetic order is used. Wherever possible both Nepalese and non-Nepalese co-authors are involved in preparing accounts.