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Contributor guidelines

15.5 Spellings of Nepalese place names should follow the Flora of Nepal gazetteer
15.6 Spellings of foreign countries and place names should follow the latest edition of the Times Atlas of the World. In the Notes section the terms New World and Old World can be used, as can N Hemisphere or S Hemisphere (not Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere)
15.1 Distribution of each species and infraspecific taxon within Nepal is indicated by a small distribution map, in which each District where it occurs is shaded. Occurrence of each taxon must therefore be recorded to at least the district level as given in Appendix 1 (see Voucher specimens).
15.2 The distribution range of each species and infraspecific taxon outside Nepal is indicated using the following geographic areas:
15.3 The distribution of taxa endemic to Nepal is given as ‘Endemic to Nepal.’
15.4 The native range of introduced taxa is discussed in the Notes paragraph at the end of each species description (see Critical notes and comments).

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