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Organization and timetables
4.1 Flora of Nepal will be published in ten volumes. Preparation of manuscripts and electronic capture of plant data will take place concurrently. The stages of advancement of a manuscript through to publication are discussed in Appendix 2.
Volume Title
Volume 1 Introduction: Pteridophytes & Gymnosperms
Volume 2 Saururaceae to Menispermaceae
(Moraceae, Urticaceae, Polygonaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Ranunculaceae)
Volume 3 Magnoliaceae to Rosaceae
(Lauraceae, Papaveraceae, Cruciferae, Crassulaceae, Saxifragaceae)
Volume 4 Leguminosae to Sapindaceae
(Rutaceae, Euphorbiaceae)
Volume 5 Sabiaceae to Toricelliaceae
(Balsaminaceae, Malvaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Umbelliferae)
Volume 6 Diapensiaceae to Hydrophyllaceae
(Ericaceae, Primulaceae, Gentianaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Solanaceae, Convolvulaceae)
Volume 7 Boraginaceae to Plantaginaceae
(Verbenaceae, Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae, Gesneriaceae, Acanthaceae)
Volume 8 Rubiaceae to Compositae
(Caprifoliaceae, Campanulaceae)
Volume 9 Alismataceae to Gramineae
(Cyperaceae, Juncaceae)
Volume 10 Acoraceae to Orchidaceae
(Araceae, Liliaceae, Ruscaceae, Commelinaceae, Zingiberaceae)