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Contributor guidelines

9.1 Synonyms are listed alphabetically in a separate paragraph (but see paragraph 9.3 for basionyms of recognized taxa). If more than one synonym is included, they are separated by semicolons.
9.2 All names at generic, specific and infraspecific levels accepted in major Nepalese publications (see section 24) and major Floras of areas surrounding Nepal are included in synonymy when they are not recognized in the Flora of Nepal. Basionyms of all names cited in synonymy must also be included. However, names included in these floras due to misidentification will not be treated as synonyms, but will be referred to in the Notes (see section 19).
9.3 At the specific and infraspecific levels the complete bibliographic citation of synonyms in the printed Flora is to be given only for basionyms of recognized taxa, and the authority alone is given for other synonyms (see also 7.4 for inclusion of full data in the electronic format). All synonyms are kept together in the same paragraph in alphabetical order (in the electronic version with full bibliographic citation, followed by type citation). Synonyms will be listed alphabetically, except that the basionym, combinations of that, and other homotypic synonyms of the name accepted for the taxon come first, followed by type citation.