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Contributor guidelines

Voucher specimens
16.1 The printed version of the Flora of Nepal does not include cited specimens but these are available in the electronic versions and so lists of specimens seen must be submitted along with the Flora accounts. These data are used for electronic presentation of the data, generation of distribution maps on demand, etc., and give some idea of the taxon concepts followed. A comprehensive archive of named herbarium specimens also enhances curation of distributed duplicates in other herbaria.
16.2 Ideally all specimens seen should be recorded, but a minimum of one voucher specimen must be recorded for each district.
16.3 How specimen data is recorded and submitted by authors will change during the project as the database management tools are developed. In the short term authors are requested to submit their specimen data in spreadsheet format with the following data columns:
Genus, species, species author, infraspecies, infraspecies author
Collector, collector number
Date (or date range)
Zone in Nepal, District in Nepal (when known see Appendix 1)
Precise locality (free text as appears on the herbarium label)
Altitude (or altitude range with units as on label)
Latitude and longitude: degrees, minutes, seconds (as appears on the herbarium label, with range)
Herbarium acronym
Herbarium barcode, Herbarium accession number
Plant morphology notes (as given on label - optional)
Ecology notes (as given on label - optional)
Notes (free text comments by author- optional)