Flora of Nepal    नेपालका वनस्पति
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CITES listed

Appendix I: species threatened with extinction
Saussurea lappa

Appendix III: species identified by any party as being subject to regulation in that country and which require international co-operation to control trade

Cycas pectinata [Himalayan cycad]
Gnetum montanum  
Meconopsis regia  
Podocarpus neriifolius  
Talauma hodgsonii  
Tetracentron sinense

Appendix II: species not yet threatened with extinction, but which could become endangered if trade is not controlled

Ceropegia [Milkworts, 7 species in Nepal]
Cyatheaceae [tree ferns, CHECK how many species??]
Cycadaceae [cycads, one species in Nepal?? CHECK]
Dioscorea deltoidea  
Orchidaceae [orchids, over 300 species in Nepal]
Podophyllum hexandrum [may apple]
Rauvolfia serpentina  
Taxus baccata subsp. wallichiana  

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