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Plant Group Species in Nepal Endemics
Angiosperms (flowering plants) ca. 5600 246
Gymnosperms (conifers and cycads) 30 ??
Pteridophytes (ferns and fern allies) 534 8
Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) ca. 900 30
Algae ca. 700 3
Fungi ca. 1500 16
Lichens ca. 500 39
There have been nine known extinctions, eight of these were endemic species.
Plant altitude records: Alpine flowering plant vegetation reaches to 6100 m (albeit in a sparse state), but tight cushions of Stellaria decumbens have been found at 6135m in Makalu*, and mosses and lichens are commonly found up to 6300m. The highest recorded altitude for an endemic is 5800 m (Lagotis nepalensis in west Nepal), and the lowest is 130 m (Begonia tribenensis in east Nepal). Further information on the plants of Nepal is provided on the Flora of Nepal pages.

[*Zimmerman's 1952 Everest expedition (see Candollea, 15 1954-6, page 134) reported that they found several small plants, not yet determined, on a moraine between Camp IV and Camp V at 6350 m. These specimens could not be traced at Geneva, so their identity remains a mystery.]