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Protected areas

From Nepal Biodiversity Strategy [NBS 2002] (see also protected areas section under Conservation).
  Year notified Area (km²) Altitude (m) Climate Region Flowering plants Endemic species Comment

National Parks (IUCN management catagory II)
Khaptad NP 1988 225 1000-3276 Subtropical to Temperate Mid Hills to High Mountains 567 4 Oak, fir, conifers; high alt. medicinal herbs; musk deer, leopard, black bear; Shiva shrine, shallow lake
Langtang NP 1976 1710 792-7245 Subtropical to Alpine Mid Hills to High Mountains 3689 15 Oak, blue pine, hemlock, fir, birch, rhododendron; red panda, snow leopard, clouded leopard, wild dog
Makalu Barun NP 1991 1500 435-8463 Subtropical to Alpine Mid Hills to High Himalaya 3073 7 Sal, castanopsis, oak, rhododendron, orchids; snow leopard, red panda, musk deer
Rara NP 1976 106 1800-4048 Temperate to Subalpine High Mountains 1070 16 Lake Rara wetlands; blue pine, fir, birch; musk deer, impeyan pheasant, red panda, leopard
Royal Bardia NP 1976 & 1988 968 152-1494 Tropical Monsoon to Subtropical Terai & Siwalik Hills 839 0 Dense sal, pine, acacia, sissoo, grassland; tiger, gangetic dolpin, gharial, wild elephant, black buck
Royal Chitwan NP 1973 932 150-815 Tropical Monsoon Terai & Siwalik Hills 919 0 World Heritage Site (1984); sal, riverine grassland; rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, gharial
Sagarmatha NP 1976 1148 2800-8850 Temperate to Alpine High Mountains to High Himalaya 1074 11 World Heritage Site (1979); blue pine, fir, juniper scrub, alpines; goral serow, black bear
Shey Phoksundo NP 1984 3555 2000-6885 Temperate to Alpine High Mountains to Trans Himalaya 1579 30 Highest waterfall; Tibetan Plateau; oak, spruce, fir, birch; blue sheep, snow leopard, red panda
Shivapuri NP 2002 144 1366-2732 Subtropical to Temperate Mid Hills 2122 16 Kathmandu watershed; schima, castanopsis, oak; leopard, wild boar, langur, himalayan dragonfly

Wildlife Reserves (IUCN management catagory IV)
Koshi Tappu WR 1976 175 90-150 Tropical monsoon Terai 237 1 Ramsar site (1987); acacia, sissoo, riverine forest, grassland; wild asiatic buffalo, ganetic dolphin, otter, crocodile
Parsa WR 1984 499 150-815 Tropical monsoon Terai & Siwalik Hills 919 0 Sal, acacia, pine, riverine forest; corridor for wild elephant, tiger, sambar deer, giant hornbill, cobra
Royal Suklaphanta WR 1976 305 90-270 Tropical monsoon Terai & Siwalik Hills 700 0 Sal, acacia, sisso, grassland; swamp deer, elephant, tiger, hispid hare, bengal florican

Hunting Reserve (IUCN management catagory IV)
Dhorpatan HR 1987 1325 2850-7000 Temperate to alpine High Mountains & High Himalaya 1150 36 Fir, hemlock, spruce, birch, junipers, grassland; blue sheep, game hunting reserve

Conservation Areas (IUCN management catagory VI)
Annapurna CA 1986 & 1992 7629 1000-8092 Subtropical to Alpine Mid Hills to High Himalaya 3430 56 Kaligandaki gorge, Tibetan plateau; alder, oak, birch, junipers; blue sheep, thar, musk deer, pheasants
Kanchenjunga CA 1997 2035 1200-8598 Subtropical to Alpine Mid Hills to High Himalaya >3000 11-13 Rhododendron, birch, blue pine, larch, magnolia, oak; snow leopard, red panda, blue sheep, musk deer
Manasalu CA 1998 1663 1360-8163 Subtropical to Alpine Mid Hills to High Himalaya >2500 ? Oak, blue pine, larch, birch, snow leopard, musk deer, blue sheep, red panda, himalayan thar

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